Strategic Transitions Inc.
The Art and Practice of Achieving Designed Outcomes

About us

Who we are

Strategic Transitions Inc. is an international, visual and digital learning specialist company. We provide state-of-the-art software and learning expertise purposely designed to successfully enhance and accelerate thinking and learning, and make writing easier. Our software and expertise supports students, teachers, parents and individuals from all walks of life, including mainstream and special education, in academic, personal, business, and professional environments.

Our people

Our experts are visual and digital learning experience specialists they deliver excellent, learner-centric value, usability, and satisfaction, well beyond that usually provided through the conventional market, product, service, approach. Their performance and that of our support teams define the customer experience involving Special Education Environments, Visual Thinking, Digital Thinking, Learning Design, and Systems Learning.

Our Software:

Inspiration and Kidspiration.

Our approach to the emerging global reality

Considering the current local/global pace of change and recognizing that there are increasingly fewer secure jobs, businesses, and/or markets, we believe that the best way to prepare one and all for the future is to enhance and accelerate the way we think, learn, understand and express what we know and what we want to say so that we are effectively prepared for the future, regardless of its permutations.

What we do

We provide software, resources, and support for Inspiration and Kidspiration... We deliver, within one to five business days, worldwide.

Our experts and specialists have successfully conceived, developed, and delivered courses and applications involving multiples of up to 500 plus schools and tens of thousands of students. Our software is available worldwide and our learning services have been delivered throughout Canada, as well Bermuda and the United States.

History and Timelines

  • 1999 - Inspiration« Software: Inspiration Software Inc. appoints Strategic Transitions Inc. as Canadian Distributor, progressively adding Kidspiration and InspireData software.

  • 1992 Strategic Transitions Inc.: J. J. Serre, president of J.J. Serre and Associates, Learning and Management consultants, incorporates Strategic Transitions Inc. to distribute and support software that enhances and accelerates thinking, writing, and learning in educational and professional environments.